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The Alternative Mixtapes – “If you listened to Back On Earth without knowing anything else about the band, you would be tempted to bet on that they are a band from South California…” (EN)

Metalzone – ” Back On Earth est de nouveau actif, et nous avons eu le plaisir de nous entretenir avec le groupe de Rock Alternatif français dans le cadre de son retour sur scène” (FR/EN)

What Happened To Your Band“Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight” (EN)

ChairYourSound  – “Back On Earth : Nouveau Titre” (FR)

Max Reacts “On Today”s video i’m reacting to the song Save Me by the band Back On Earth…” (EN)

We Will Punk You! “Après un Supersonic bien rempli au début du mois pour célébrer leur retour sur la scène parisienne, Back On Earth jouent aujourd’hui en première partie de Turnover.”(FR)

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Paris, FR
La Maroquinerie
Paris, FR
Bus Palladium
Paris, FR

Back on Earth

Ever since their formation in 2009, Back On Earth  firmingly established themselves in the parisian Pop-Punk scene with 3 EPs to their credit and playing shows supporting international bands and headlining shows across France and the United Kingdom.

In October 2019, the band released their new single “Youth” produced by Beau Burchell (Saosin). This song delivers a more pop-oriented music while keeping their alternative and aerial sound that characterizes them. An alternative version of this track came out for Christmas.

They made their way back on stage at Supersonic on February 10th 2020, the day that their brand new single “Save Me” was released.This emo-anthem song was produced by Bert of Chunk! No Captain Chunk, with whom they recorded their first EP back in 2010. The artwork was made in collaboration with the artist Jessica Chabert.

In April  they released a remix version of their song ‘Save Me’ by the pop band RVNS. During the quarantine Back On Earth put out a more pop rock song called ‘Until Tonight’ produced by Federico Telesca. 

Back On Earth’s brand new track « Somebody Else » brings you all the emo vibes that you were missing from the 2000s era.
That song will definitely become the soundtrack of your Summer. There’s a nostalgic aura in the sound, carried by the haunting voice of Clement. The chorus will get in your head instantly, as an anthem to move forward after hitting a point of no return.